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Family photos are very important for children for many reasons. They provide children with a sense of belonging and identity. They show a visual representation of their families history, lineage. and connections. Viewing these photos help the child understand their place in the family and their families story. This sense of belonging contributes to a child's emotional development and self esteem. Family photos also allow children to develop a generational connection. They might see the pictures of their grandparents, great grandparents, or even earlier generations that came before them. This connection can foster a sense of continuity and help the child understand where they take place in their larger family tree. Along that line, it gives children a sense of emotional comfort. Seeing the familiar faces of loved ones in photos can help children feel safe, loved, and supported, even when the family member might not be physically present.

At a different look, family photos can often capture cultural practices, traditions, and celebrations. Sharing these photos with children can help them understand and appreciate their cultural heritage, instilling a sense of pride, and connection to their roots. Family photos can also develop storytelling skills. Viewing the photos gives your child a chance to ask questions about the people and events in the photos, encouraging them to think creatively and construct narratives based on what they see. Lastly, as children grow older, looking at family photos can provide opportunities for reflection and personal growth. They can see the ways in which they've changed over the years, track their physical development, and reflect on their experiences and accomplishments.

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About Colette Stock Photography:

Hi, I'm Colette! Military wife & mama to two daughters, residing in Maple Shade, NJ.

I specialize in family, maternity, and newborn photography serving the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

My passion is documenting the magic that is motherhood and providing moms with heirloom imagery that they will feel proud to display in their homes for generations to come. Perfection doesn't exist here, I am inspired by families that believe in letting kids be themselves and see the beauty in the chaos.